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Friday, January 31, 2014


Hey everyone!!!
 Today is my Birthday!!! 
February 1st

Today evokes  lot of emotions for me in considering things I have done and plan to do. But, right now I'll like to share the joy of this day with you all. Today I will have my first giveaway. I am giving out the official "As Is Fashion Expressed" blog wrist band. These were actually all made and given to me from my wonderful boyfriend for my birthday last year (: 

Send your address with your instagram name to 
to receive your wrist band! 

Here are some other individuals that were also born on February 1st

Langston Hughes 
Hughes was an African American poet and social activist

Lauren Conrad 
also, known as LC is a TV personality and clothing designer

Dennis Brown 
Brown, one of Jamaica's and reggae's most popular artist

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