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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ambitious Tuesday

This week's "Ambitious Tuesday" this the day we dedicate to completing our week's goals. You make think it is too soon in the week to do so but you would be surprised how much you can actually get done and if now....get a start on it...know what you want to accomplish and do it...being school work.... work project...home improvements. .. mastering a new recipe etc...get er done and check it off the list. Also, in doing so why not look fabulous
Ambitious Tuesday

Currently, I have found it very helpful, effective and motivating to set goals for myself. I have an application called "Run Keeper" which lets you view your distance, pace, the duration of your run (and other activities). One of the features I like the best is updates on your personal best, being your distance, pace, duration, highest elevation ran, so each time I go running I want to do a little more than I did the previous time. Additionally, there are weekly goals you can set for yourself, which I am also a fan of. So, with all of this goal setting in mind, I was looking for a bigger goal; something to strive for. For me that is actually losing weight, I am aware at times it is best to measure yourself opposed to weighting. However, I want the number on the scale to decrease because I know what I looked like at a smaller and what is appropriate for my body. But at the same time I found this video by my friend Chioma beyond helpful in finding a comfortable weight. Check it out!

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